I am a director of Growthype Private Limited and passionate about marketing innovation, strategy & research.

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Vishal Prasad

The Marketer & Brand Maker

It's not about trends or demand of the domain but the passion of innovative marketing love to see everywhere.

Expertise: Marketing Strategiest

Experience: 5+ Years

E-mail: me@mrvishalprasad.com

Personal Experience

Experience is not only about what you did in the past but what you feel after going through all in your life.

I came into marketing in 2016 after understanding the psychology of money and learning about financial management through many life failures. Experience = Learning & Learning = experience, whether you are learning with your experience or with others.

I believe that no matter in what field you stand or want to stand, you should think like a businessman; that means whatever and wherever you are spending your time and money, you should know your returns. I drop my master’s after I felt that its a waste of time to be a part of 20 years old learning. Then I focused on what I was passionate about, which is marketing innovation.

Today I have worked for more than 200+ companies for their promotional activities and reviewed 1000+ business advertisements and ideas, but I am not satisfied with many of them. So I made a vision to create innovative marketing and offer the best marketing solution with a pocket-friendly budget.  


Most of us have many skills the same I do, and this is a never-ending process. I love to add new skills always to make myself better than before. I came across various experiences such as website designing, graphic designing, programming, digital marketing, performance marketing, and more.  

  • Innovative Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Designing
  • Conceptual Graphic Designing


Education makes a person strong with knowledge and decisions. My education direction could have been better, as it always changed until I knew my passion. But my vision was clear to deliver the best solution wherever and whatever I do. 

  • Graduate In B.A (Eco & Maths)
  • Certification in Digital Marketing 
  • Deploma in Retail Management


I didn’t get any physical awareness yet, but I was still awarded trust, friendship, good relations, the best business connections, and many blessings. I love to have these all.


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